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Acadia National Park for Land Rover

I think this was the most open-ended assignment I’ve ever received: “Go to Acadia National Park in a new Land Rover and take photos.” They didn’t even really say I had to photograph the car. I invited two friends and we picked up the car outside Portland and then continued north to Acadia and commenced wandering.

Land Rover in Acadia

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Climbers on Otter Cliffs

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Land Rover in Acadia

Land Rover in Acadia

View from Otter Point in Acadia National Park

Piers plays the ukelele in Acadia

Land Rover in Acadia


What’s the point in having a car that can drive through rivers if you don’t drive it through some water?

Land Rover in Acadia

Packing up after climbing at Otter Cliffs in Acadia

I think this was the first job where I got paid to take pinholes. I have a feeling I’ll get a few more jobs where I’ll be asked to take pinholes for instagram.

Pinhole Photo in Acadia

Pinhole Photo in Acadia

Pinhole Photo in Acadia


Sticky Buns at Flour Bakery for Travel + Leisure

Sticky Buns at Flour Bakery in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Vote for Showered!

Our short film Showered from the Doc Challenge is competing in the Audience Awards online. Go check out this entertaining little film and give it a vote. We interview people while they shower, what could be better than that?

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.14.50 AM

Welcome to the Island…

I’ve moved to Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard. I still have my place in Somerville, but will slowly be transitioning to this new island.


Menemsha Docks




Yoga Poses in Boston

I love never knowing what assignments I will receive. Each one is an opportunity to learn about new people and new parts of the world so I’m excited whenever somebody asks me to photograph something I know nothing about. I run, climb, and bike, but I know absolutely nothing about yoga. Yesterday I had to photograph more than 200 individual yoga poses for a new yoga app that a Boston yoga instructor is working on. Now I want to go take yoga or at least learn to do a headstand…

239 yoga poses

Yoga handstand

IAN_8240_Yoga_smallyoga poses on a white background