Alive and well, coming at you live from Kisumu, Kenya

by Ian Maclellan

I am with CLEAR in Kisumu, Kenya on the wonderful shores of Lake Victoria, learning Luo and conversing freely in Kiswahili… I was privileged to be able to go to CLEAR’s weekly radio show offering insight into political and legal issues in Luo for Luo. Peter, Dennis, Humera and I were hosted by Victor, who is an energetic host, who could someday be on Al Jazeera or the BBC. On this show they were discussing a possible constitutional revision that could go to referendum over the next few months to few years. The last attempt to amend the Constituion was overturned by the public who voted against it because although 95% of it was progressive and useful for Kenya there was still 5% that could be hurtful. The public is not able to vote on individual sections of the Constitution and must instead vote on it as a whole. Because many voters are illiterate or do not speak English or Kiswahili, shows like CLEAR’s empower potential voters to learn and participate in the process. It’s late now and eventually I’ll be able to get around to a real update…