Traveling and Signs

by Ian Maclellan

working on writing something more significant about kakuma camp… till that post here is one about traveling and signs, both crazy parts of kakuma.


The nice road from Lodwar to Kakuma. Sticking your camera out of a speeding matatu never stops being fun


So close to Sudan… but my parents wouldn’t be happy to hear I crossed the border so I stayed away.



The airstrip in Lodwar where most of the NGO workers and some of the food and other resources for Kakuma camp come through. Lokichogio is also a big hub for people visiting the camp. There used to be a an operating airstrip in Kakuma, but it had to close because of potholes.


A boda boda driver in Kakuma camp.


I don’t really understand why this sign was in the camp, but was told that it had something to do with teaching refugees about landmine safety in case they go home.


I’m not sure that a giant condom with scientists and other professionals inside is the best way to teach kids about HIV/AIDS awareness, but until I come up with a better sign, this still stands.


A dead bus a few hundred meters from the camp entrance.