by Ian Maclellan

Here is my 2010 year in review. I’m going to do it all reverse chronologically, except for this timelapse from Edinburgh because I want you to see it because it will make you happy.

Edinburgh Timelapse from Ian MacLellan on Vimeo.

This year I watched Tufts Quidditch battle for second place at the Quidditch World Cup:

Played in my new apartment:

Visited Wonderland ^ nth power:

Played underwater:

Took a few hundred pinholes in Ireland:

Vacationed on the Isle of Hoy in the Orkneys with Brittany:

Camped on the off-grid island of Eigg:

Made friends on the beaches of Wonderland:

Drilled some holes in the Res Quad at Tufts:

Got wet in Revere:

Documented the Crokinole World Cup:

Wore jumpsuits:

Visited Brittany in Scotland:

Polar Plunged in Revere:

Played in the woods of New Hampshire:

Got more wet in Revere:

Slept outside for a climate bill:

Played some more on the beach:

Ian action shot:

2010 was pretty sweet. But I’ve got 4 big goals for 2011:

1. In a week I’m headed to Kurdistan to start the year off right and want to find a sweet story.

2. Make the U.S. Mountain Running team at the Cranmore Hill Climb.

3. Find my very own sample of Cummingtonite.

4. Get an even bigger chalkboard.