2011 in Review

by Ian Maclellan

I started off the year the same way I’ll be ending this one:

I then shipped off to Iraqi Kurdistan:

Taekwondo demonstation by the  Zerevani Kurdish Special Forces

I then presented on that trip with this video:

I went to Iceland with some geology friends and although none of us could drive a manual transmission when we landed, we survived the snow and ice:

I met this cute girl:

I helped popularize the sport of mattress boarding with some of my Tufts friends:

I did a lot of rock climbing with my friends:

I worked on an organic farm in Italy with that cute girl:

Chickens being slaughtered

I helped my brother Stephen get married by dancing:

I went to an exciting demolition derby on Nantucket Island:

I took a lot of pictures around Somerville:

I made a new website:

I hung out with a bunch of musicians:

And finally I relaxed and celebrated the holidays with my family and friends: