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Winter Slowly Comes To Somerville

Winter is oozing into Somerville very slowly and with lots of wintery-mix days. I’m not really a 32 and slushy kind of guy, I like a solid foot of snow and 15 so I’m hoping for real winter to come soon. There are an insane quantity of bathtub Marys around Somerville.

Cyclocross New England Championships 2013

The 2013 regional cyclocross championships at Coolidge Park in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. My favorite moment is when racers jump back onto the seat, it reminds me of biking like a child A masters racer fell on this section and the bike was pinned on top of her, blood in her mouth. She looked tough, so I […]

MetroRock Blackout Boulder Brawl

I was filming climber Josh Levin on Livin’ Astro 5.14c up at Rumney and after sending that he wanted to compete at the MetroRock Blackout Boulder Brawl so I decided to go along for the ride. Josh went on to win the competition as well…

Middlesex Fells Forest Fire in Winchester

“Do your job!” – Louis CK

I’ve been photographing a lot of events at different universities in the past week. Events are long and you take a lot of pictures of a lot of people wearing nice clothes under weird light. There are always snacks, but you can never eat them in front of people. You’re not hanging off mountains like […]