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You Have to Make the Runners Sweat

Julia Hanlon and Lindsay Smith out in Amherst, Hadley, and Belchertown, Massachusetts: Colin Santangelo, Sara Wroblewski, and Eric Wilburn running around the Blue Hills:

An Apartment Worth Of Things

Intermixed with my daily photo blog, I’ve been working on a project where I collect all of the things in a category that I can find in my apartment. These are objects that are rarely displayed prominently and mostly scattered throughout various containers or hidden in closets. My pace for this project is more of […]

Best Trail Running in Massachusetts(in my new opinion)

While scouting for wide open fields for a new trail running photography project with Janji and Dylan, Emma and I stumbled upon Ward Reservation in Andover, MA. This place rocks. There is so much diversity here: bog boardwalks, fields, hills, single track, dirt roads, views of Boston, stone walls, dark woods, and even an epically […]

Counting Nature: New Hampshire Fish Ladders

I’m starting a new personal photography project on different ways humans count nature to better understand it. The first shoot for this project was with New Hampshire Fish and Game in the Seacoast region as they surveyed anadromous river herring, counted other species of fish on the fish ladder, and stocked inland water bodies.

Full Moon Kiteboarding in Pleasure Bay, Boston

Tyler Scholl, a designer for Woo Sports, was our willing volunteer for some full moon kiteboarding. I had hoped that sky would be a little bit brighter, but a little high ISO, slow shutter speed photography never hurt anybody.