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Hurricane Cristobal Surfing on Nantucket


Vote for Showered!

Our short film Showered from the Doc Challenge is competing in the Audience Awards online. Go check out this entertaining little film and give it a vote. We interview people while they shower, what could be better than that?

Starting 2014 Off Right

Boys with toys on New Year’s Day: Hanging out with Molly Ferrill at her house in Temple, NH. Bundling up Zizi against the cold: It was a great place to get snowed in.

Photographing Snowflakes

One of my favorite books growing up was Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. Wilson Bentley sets up an ingenious microscope camera setup in New Hampshire and Vermont and and is one of the first (and probably the most prolific) person to photograph and show the immense diversity and geometry of snowflakes. Bentley is 100% committed […]

Plum Island Dune Erosion

Since March, my friend Casey Atkins has been working on her BU Photojournalism Master’s Thesis on the impact of dune erosion on Plum Island and invited me along to help film interviews with homeowners on the island. I’m a huge fan of barrier islands and flew over Plum Island and Crane Beach for a geomorphology […]