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Audi Urban Solutions in Somerville


New England Fall Pinholes Part 2

Fall wanderings around New England with the pinhole camera.

2015 Days in a Year

Flipping back through the year, I’m reminded of all the people I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with and all the strange and beautiful places around New England I’ve ended up in. It was a year full of friends, family, and new experiences¬†like learning to cross country ski, cooking a whole CSA’s worth of […]

Best Bees for Tufts Magazine

I was very excited to receive an email from Margot at Tufts Magazine asking if I was interested in photographing Tufts alum Noah Wilson-Rich, the founder of Best Bees. Noah had been my TA for Experiments in Ecology class back at Tufts and we actually did research on bees on campus for his class. I […]

Back to Martha’s Vineyard for a Weekend