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Counting Nature: New Hampshire Fish Ladders

I’m starting a new personal photography project on different ways humans count nature to better understand it. The first shoot for this project was with New Hampshire Fish and Game in the Seacoast region as they surveyed anadromous river herring, counted other species of fish on the fish ladder, and stocked inland water bodies.

Full Moon Kiteboarding in Pleasure Bay, Boston

Tyler Scholl, a designer for Woo Sports, was our willing volunteer for some full moon kiteboarding. I had hoped that sky would be a little bit brighter, but a little high ISO, slow shutter speed photography never hurt anybody.

New England Ice Yachting

This winter I’ve been working on a personal project on New England winter sports. I’ve been doing my homework and researching every possible activity people do to stay busy through cold winters and ice yachting was theĀ sport I was most excited about. Sadly, this winter has been too snowy and this is the first weekend […]

Winter Storm Juno in Boston

I went for a casual 14 mile walk around Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston this morning to check out the start of the storm. It was no Nemo, but had some mighty winds. Still a bunch more snow to come.

Weekly Print Sale

I’ve started a new weekly project to force me to make prints and to move more prints into new homes. Every Monday in 2015, I’m going to print a new edition of 4 11×14″ or 10×10″ prints and sell them hereĀ for $20. Just 4 weeks in, I’ve already learned a lot about the printing process, […]