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Welcome to the Island…

I’ve moved to Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard. I still have my place in Somerville, but will slowly be transitioning to this new island.

Water Chestnut Harvesting in Fairhaven Bay

I was digging through my archives today, looking for photos for a talk I’m giving that show my development as a photographer and was struck by how much I’m still driven by the outdoors and the people right around me. One project I shot back in the summer before my freshman year at Tufts really […]

Fiona and John’s Wedding – Nahant, Massachusetts

Adventures 3 and 4

I’m still going strong on my New Year’s Resolution to make an adventure video every week! I’m 7.7% done with the project. SCORE! Adventure 3: Not Hot Nahant I decided to go to with Sarah to the beach during a snowstorm because she put out the offer, like any good friend would. It was gorgeous. […]

Adventure 2: Finding Winter

I set off searching for winter this morning because it’s been┬ámysteriously┬ámissing lately. There was a wet rain falling on a few inches of snow that fell over night, but it didn’t look like it had long to live so I headed out West to my old haunts around Groton. I explored some of the abandoned […]