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2015 World Championship Sled Dog Derby in Laconia, NH

What could be cuter than teams of sled dogs on a beautiful day in New Hampshire?

Winter Games

Right now, we are dealing with some serious snow in Eastern Massachusetts. In the last 16 days, we’ve set a new 30 day snow total record. This is awesome for winter games, but not so great for traveling around the city. I picked the right winter to work on a new project about how New Englanders […]

Red Bull Frozen Rush at Sunday River

I shot this series of photos last January as part of a larger potential book project on weird New England winter sports and sort of forgot about them until this week. They didn’t really jump out at me when I shot them and I left the event feeling too cold to feel good about any […]

Rock Climbing at C Bluff in Western Maine

Moment of Release | Ultimate Frisbee Documentary

Arlin and I have been slaving over this beast for over a year and it’s great to finally see it online. A film showcasing the lifestyle of college ultimate frisbee. Centered around the 2013 New England Regional Championship, “MOMENT OF RELEASE” captures the select few practices, games, and sequences that determine a team’s fate as […]