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Rock Climbing at C Bluff in Western Maine

Moment of Release | Ultimate Frisbee Documentary

Arlin and I have been slaving over this beast for over a year and it’s great to finally see it online. A film showcasing the lifestyle of college ultimate frisbee. Centered around the 2013 New England Regional Championship, “MOMENT OF RELEASE” captures the select few practices, games, and sequences that determine a team’s fate as […]

New England Ice Climbing – Huntington Ravine

To me, ice climbing looks slow, dangerous, fickle, painful, gear-intensive, and cold. I don’t really get why so many people do it across New England.. This winter I’m starting a photojournalism project on why people ice climb in New England and I had my first trip of the season up to Huntington Ravine on the […]

Adventures 3 and 4

I’m still going strong on my New Year’s Resolution to make an adventure video every week! I’m 7.7% done with the project. SCORE! Adventure 3: Not Hot Nahant I decided to go to with Sarah to the beach during a snowstorm because she put out the offer, like any good friend would. It was gorgeous. […]

New Project: Photograph by Number: Somerville

I started this project on the eve of finishing up my final GIS poster with my head swimming with visions of graphic design and mapping and swirling with the youthful excitement over the coming summer. It all came together to reignite my simple creative passions. I’ve had a creative melancholy since returning home from 10 […]