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New England Fall Pinholes Part 2

Fall wanderings around New England with the pinhole camera.

You Have to Make the Runners Sweat

Julia Hanlon and Lindsay Smith out in Amherst, Hadley, and Belchertown, Massachusetts: Colin Santangelo, Sara Wroblewski, and Eric Wilburn running around the Blue Hills:

Best Trail Running in Massachusetts(in my new opinion)

While scouting for wide open fields for a new trail running photography project with Janji and Dylan, Emma and I stumbled upon Ward Reservation in Andover, MA. This place rocks. There is so much diversity here: bog boardwalks, fields, hills, single track, dirt roads, views of Boston, stone walls, dark woods, and even an epically […]

New England Ice Yachting

This winter I’ve been working on a personal project on New England winter sports. I’ve been doing my homework and researching every possible activity people do to stay busy through cold winters and ice yachting was the┬ásport I was most excited about. Sadly, this winter has been too snowy and this is the first weekend […]

A Road Trip In Defense Of Winter

This has been a pretty epic winter in New England and last week I felt like it deserved one last hurrah before everything starts to melt. Dylan and I had just had a big shoot cancelled so we had a little extra time on our hands and decided on the pretty broad goal to go […]