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New England Ice Yachting

This winter I’ve been working on a personal project on New England winter sports. I’ve been doing my homework and researching every possible activity people do to stay busy through cold winters and ice yachting was the sport I was most excited about. Sadly, this winter has been too snowy and this is the first weekend […]

A Road Trip In Defense Of Winter

This has been a pretty epic winter in New England and last week I felt like it deserved one last hurrah before everything starts to melt. Dylan and I had just had a big shoot cancelled so we had a little extra time on our hands and decided on the pretty broad goal to go […]

2015 World Championship Sled Dog Derby in Laconia, NH

What could be cuter than teams of sled dogs on a beautiful day in New Hampshire?

Winter Games

Right now, we are dealing with some serious snow in Eastern Massachusetts. In the last 16 days, we’ve set a new 30 day snow total record. This is awesome for winter games, but not so great for traveling around the city. I picked the right winter to work on a new project about how New Englanders […]

Red Bull Frozen Rush at Sunday River

I shot this series of photos last January as part of a larger potential book project on weird New England winter sports and sort of forgot about them until this week. They didn’t really jump out at me when I shot them and I left the event feeling too cold to feel good about any […]