Up Playing Xbox All Night to Photograph Dawn with Stephen

by Ian Maclellan

I decided a few days ago I was going to go to some beach to take pictures at sunrise… and since I don’t drive I asked Stephen if he would also like to go photograph a pretty sunrise. I’m always guaranteed a perfect sunrise if I’m awake so it’s always worth the effort. We decided to go to Nahant because it’s close and my friend Piers has a house there. We had to leave wayyy before dawn though and the car was a little frosted.

My link for this post is a pretty sky over at MUTE cause I’m in a pretty sky mood.

I used my off camera flash to light these up. This shot is 30 sec at f8 with 5 flashes at 1/8th I’m pretty sure:

Also used a bunch of flashes in this 30 second exposure too:

These old military sites are awesome.

Right after I took this shot, I managed to snap the head of my tripod… whoops.

Climbing down was pretty slippery and almost took out my camera a few times. I did manage to take out my wireless flash trigger… whoops that is somewhere on these rocks…

The lazy sun finally rising:

My self portrait for the morning:

Stephen’s 4×5″10 minute polaroid exposure of the sunrise:

This is where my friend Piers has a house. The tower is amazing. It was originally created to spot Japanese U-Boats and is now fully equipped with a darkroom and a pinball machine. The house is beautiful with gigantic east-facing windows and a great open floor plan on the first floor.